8 Ways to Reuse Old Scuba Diving Tanks

8 ways to reuse your scuba tanks

When it’s time to retire a tank, it’s always good to recycle it with a dive shop. But, for the savvy sentimental divers among us, there are plenty of ways to upcycle old cylinders so you can keep them around past their expiration dates. After all, you’ve had some great memories with your tanks. They might even be your best dive buddies, supporting you on all of your dives (hopefully) without fail. And, they probably cost you a pretty penny. Here are our favorite ideas for re-purposing old tanks.

  1. For a diver who’s also a bookworm, these creative bookends are the perfect addition to any shelf. They’re sold out on Etsy, but you can make a pair with a tank of your own.
    scuba tank book ends
  2. Light up your world with a one-of-a-kind lamp that brings you back to your favorite underwater memories at the flip of a switch. You can find other styles of tank lamps on Etsy.
    scuba tank lamp
  3. Make a statement with this outdoor table. Old tanks (granted they’re all the same height) make unconventional table legs that are sure to start up your dinnertime conversation. This diver opted to fill the middle of the table with shells. Remember, if you’re going to collect shells, please try to do so sustainably.
    scuba tank table
  4. Display your favorite flowers in an upcycled tank. Buff it up or use metallic paint to give it a fresh look. Or, keep it rough for a little contrast.
    scuba tank vase
  5. Impress at your next dinner party by breaking out this scuba tank wine chiller. It provides plenty of insulation to keep your beverages cold all night long.
    scuba tank wine cooler
  6. Show off your passion for diving to the whole neighborhood. Get your whale mail delivered straight to your tank with this fun mailbox, complete with a diver-down flag.
    scuba tank mail box
  7. Portable grilling at its finest. Looking for a fun DIY project? Turn your durable old tank into a charcoal grill for your next dive cookout.
    scuba tank barbecue
  8. Spruce up your garden with a decorative bell that’s sure to withstand any inclement weather. If you’re feeling creative, you can personalize it with an engraving or painted design like this diver did.
    scuba tank garden bell

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