Heading off to Apo Reef & Coron for 5 days of Diving Bliss!

apo reef liveaboard scuba diving trip nov 2017

We’re just a day and a half away from setting sail for Apo Reef on November the 16th, on our first liveaboard diving trip of the season!

All available slots have been sold out, so we have a full compliment of divers, which will be sure to make for a great trip, where we will be enjoying all the amazing sights and experiences Apo Reef and the shipwrecks of Coron have to offer.

We’ll be keeping ourselves busy with last-minute preparations for the next day until it’s time to head out on the ocean. Keep an eye out as we’ll lots of great stuff to share with you from our trip.

Adios amigos!

PS – Our next trip leaves on November 27 2017 and there are only 4 places left at time of publication


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