Okikawa Maro Shipwreck – Coron Bay

okikawa maru ship wreck coron bay philippines

The Okikawa Maru is the largest wreck of the Coron Bay in the Philippines. It is a former civilian Tanker that was sunk in 1944 during World War II by an American air raid.

It has been misidentified for several years with the Taiei Maru also sunk in the area but by a submarine. The Okikawa Maru is 160m long and you will need at least 2 dives to totally explore it.

The Shipwreck now lies upright 25m deep but the main deck is around 12m deep making a shallow and easy wreck dive if you stay outside of the wreck! However there are many deep penetrations possible especially to the engine room by the propeller shaft. There are also several spectacular swim-throughs, especially at the bow that has been blasted by the bomb.

The Marine Life is pretty and you can usually spot Groupers and Sweetlips around the Okikawa Maru. Lionfishes and Nudibranchs are common too. All around the hull there is nice hard and soft Coral and Sponges.
This wreck is great for beginners, however the current can sometimes be strong so you should be careful. Also visibility is sometimes as low as 5m but you can expect 15m with the right tide.

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