Terms of Service

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at “service@Spirit-ofDiving.com”.

Please inform us as soon as possible about your flight number and your flight number


Spirit-of-Diving shall not be liable for any failures, delays or any associated damage

Additional costs if the reasons are outside our reach (eg:

Bad weather, flight cancellations or delays by the airline, etc.).


  1. Registration: Upon receipt of the application, you will receive a confirmation / invoice

Of your booking. The registration is binding and you accept our general terms and conditions.

  1. Terms of payment: 10 days after the confirmation is a deposit of 50% of the travel price to the indicated

Philippine account. The final payment will be made no later than 21 days before departure. Credit cards can not

be accepted.

  1. Cancellation conditions / Cancellations: Reasonable cancellations must be submitted in writing.

Cancellation up to 21 days before diving: 50%. Cancellation from 21 days before diving: 100%

No costs will be reimbursed in case of non-appearance for booked services.

  1. Changes to the dive boat trip: The dive boat trip is from 5 persons. Spirit-of-Diving reserves the right, in

To postpone or cancel the date of a dive boat trip.

Payments made will be refunded.

  1. Price adjustments: Spirit-of-Diving reserves the right to adjust the prices at any time in case of fluctuations in exchange rates.
  2. Disclaimer: Herewith, you expressly acknowledge that you are authorized to use the catamaran exclusively and without restriction

Their own danger, are on the catamaran and use its facilities.

By registering, the participant expressly waives any liability on the part of Spirit-of-Diving for damages, illnesses

Or accidents that may occur during the trip.

Accident, travel liability or travel cancellation insurance is the responsibility of the participant. Participation in the

Bootstour is exclusively at your own risk. The boat owner / operator assumes no liability in case of accidents,

In particular property damage and / or personal injury. Liability claims of the respective users against the operator or

Other authorized persons and employees are excluded. Every guest / user is liable without limitation for material or

Personal injury caused by his / her fault. This applies in particular to damages caused by improper use


Instructions from the dive guide / boat operator / personnel are always followed.

Damage to the equipment from the operation of the rented catamaran is at your expense.

They respect the “boat regulation”. Damages and costs resulting from non-observation of persons and property

In your responsibility.

Entering and staying on the catamaran, as well as participating in activities, are only at your own risk.

Liability for damage is excluded.

They are solely responsible for the civil and criminal liability for personal injury and property damage and those who:

From a vehicle you are controlling.

You assure that you have no physical ailments and / or under the influence of alcohol / drugs or medication

Which can affect your health mentally and / or physically.

You assume full liability for damage caused by accidents or accidental damage to the ones you use

Objects or resulting from not having received or given instructions.

The exclusion of liability also applies to damages, costs, injuries, consequential damages, including health,

Resulting from negligent, grossly negligent or intentional breach of contract by the operator / personnel, Spirit-of-Diving


Subsequent costs for other participants (demolition, alteration, injury, damages, costs of third parties) shall be borne by the culprit

Even if he is guiltless (e.g., illness).

Should individual points of these conditions be or become invalid in whole or in part, this does not affect the

Effectiveness of the remaining provisions.

You have read, understood and acknowledged the above conditions and the boat rules.

  1. Performance: Spirit-of-Diving will not be liable for cancellations, shortening, changes of the route of the boat trip or the

Deletion of scheduled dives due to

– failure or delay of flights, transfers or other reasons

– force majeure (weather, security situation, health situation …),

– unpredictable damage to equipment or boat

– diseases of the staff

– Causation by third parties or other participants or other circumstances.

  1. General information: Spirit-of-Diving is not liable for any disadvantages or damages of any kind if this is done without

Gross negligence, unforeseen circumstances or their own account

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